Often working collaboratively, I like the creativity process with others. 


           Current Location-

              Ipswich, UK

            Co-Working at

           Unicorn Studios,

       Orwell Place, Ipswich.

Hi, I'm Izaak! I create illumintating content, animation + illustration for video and print. 

I like collaboration.

From the United Kingdom, I have a history in Fine Art and a university degree in Animation. I have visual creative direction talents- leading numerous creative projects. This includes visual and narrative development for TV & Online and creating illustrative work for print. I create illustrations and animation working with campaigns for clients often collaborating with others.  I hope to inspire positivity, connecting with others with illuminating creative content. 

Previous Work 

Re-Evolve - Project Lead Animation and VIdeo

Suffolk County Council- Animation for films

Illustrated Alphabet for Schools

No Slogan online content- Creative Lead for Animation

First Art Prize with PopMyMind

Exhibition at Unicorn Studios, Ipswich.


BA (Hons) Animation at Norwich University of the Arts

Foundation Diploma in Art - Suffolk New College

 Izaak Kidd, 2021.  Freelance illustrator, animator and artist working in Ipswich, UK.