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25 Postcards

Collection of individually crafted postcards. Connecting creativity and communication. 


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Hi! I'm Izaak, a 25 year old artist living in the UK. I first studied Fine Art in college creating installation and contemporary art which created the passion i have today. I find creativity healing, working with

abstract, tactile techniques like Mixed media, Painting, Illustration- I try to create artwork that inspires conversation and interactivity.

I try to spark that feeling of creativity curiousness, using visceral though universal themes and a contemporary touch. I often use ideas of humanity, our world or looking to our future inspiring the work itself. 

I won first prize for a contemporary piece competition in 2018 which was a huge confidence lift, contining to create as artist today. If you would like to find more about my process, to collaborate or for further info please contact me.


 Izaak Kidd, 2021.  Freelance illustrator, animator and artist working in Ipswich, UK.