Client: Suffolk County Council

This video - produced with Suffolk County Council part of the campaign "Stop The Hate" which was publicised in Cinemas and Online. Creating the concept and illustrative style- this communicated young people's voices in how they cope with hate crimes. 

Coming up with an illuminating hand drawn look it links with our black and white tone to create a visual "sketchpad" of the young voices. This was truly an inspiring project to work on and it's campaign continues on to help others understand what's happening in youth communities.  

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Project: Childrens Illustration Teaching Letters and Phonemes 

Client: Castle Hill Primary 

This project was fun, creating over 120 illustrations for the teaching of letters for children- with unique storytelling and illustrative style. I felt inspired from my own childhood to create lively and fun pictures that the children could connect with.


Use of ink, watercolour and photoshop to create unique images that children understand clearly in learning letters. I like how the lot turned out and thankful for the oppertunity. You can view further illustrations here:

Client: Suffolk County Council

Illustration and animation for video- I worked leading the creativity here when illustrating two client voices.  

Cut-out stop motion, illustrations..Using animation to help visualise key information in a fun and colourful way, which the audience could understand.


Our human and unqiue understanding of our client's voices lead to create an illuminating style for Dilan's Vlog- telling the story of a young mans journey seeking asylum. The videos featured online: part of their campaigns.

Upcoming Client work

Whilst working on projects that have yet to launch, here is a peek into animation and illustration work.


This companies content creation I worked as creative lead, and watched over the logo design, filming on location, character animation and overal visual storytelling for the platform. I'll put this collaboration out there when it's launched, it was a complete joy to work on as the Creative Lead.