Illustrator + Creative Lead on Films. I improve customer relations through impactful storytelling + creativity.  

Client: Suffolk County Council

Campaign: STOP THE HATE 

This impactful campaign, publicised in Cinemas and Online, let the word out to thousands in the local area. The concept and illustrative style communicated these youths voices in how they cope in their community. 

Coming up with the illuminating look of the "sketchpad", the youth voices is hard hitting. The black + white impacts viewers, this lead to it's campaigns continued success. This was truly an inspiring project to work on and it helps others understand the truth within these youth communities.  

b 3.jpg

Project: Childrens Illustration Teaching Letters and Phonemes 

Client: Castle Hill Primary 

120 illustrations for the teaching of letters for children- with unique storytelling and illustrative style. I felt inspired from my personal life when illustrating lively and fun work the children could truly connect to.


Using ink, watercolour and photoshop- the illustrations provide clear understanding to learn the letters. I like how the lot turned out + thankful for the oppertunity. Check out the project here:

Suffolk County Council

I worked leading the creativity here when illustrating two client voices.  

Cut-out stop motion, illustrations..The techniques create this instantaneous connection to viewers when looking on the web. Key information translates in this fun and colourful way.


Our human and unqiue understanding of our client's voices lead to create an illuminating style for Dilan's Vlog- telling the story of a young mans journey seeking asylum. The videos featured online: part of their campaigns.

Peek into film stills of illustrative styles created Independently for this platform. This content creation I lead the team in creating logos, filming on location and innovative storytelling for it's platform. I'll put this out there when launched!

Films for Wellbeing Platform

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