Original Collection

Contemporary paintings, mixed media on wood and canvas. 

Achieve in Nature

Contemporary Artwork Collection

In this artwork collection, I had thought about nature, humanity and the future. Vivid and a touch visceral, use of paint, found objects and collage - I like how this collection felt inspired through nature, our world transformed through it.

12x16in (30x40cm) painting and collage on wood.

All Of Us Grateful. 25x20in (43x50cm) painting on canvas.

Original Prints

Contemporary prints, 12x16in (30x40cm)


25 Postcards

This collection of individually crafted postcards inspires creativity and communication. 

Hi! I'm Izaak, a young artist living in the UK. I first took to Fine Art whilst in college creating installation and contemporary art which created the passion i have today. I find creativity healing, working with

abstract, tactile techniques like Mixed media, Painting, Illustration- I try to create artwork that inspires conversation.

 Izaak Kidd, 2021.  Freelance illustrator, animator and artist working in Ipswich, UK.